There are many avenues to receive cash aid and other financial assistance to help you get by in times of need. If you are not eligible for benefits from government programs, you may still qualify for help from local and national charitable organizations. In many cases, you will be able to stack benefits from various government agencies, charitable organizations, and church programs.

Some of the most popular charitable organizations that can help you cover your bills and pay off debt include:

Popular Charitable Organizations Offering Help with Utilities and Debt
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The United Way – The United Way does not directly offer aid, but they are a popular organization that helps to connect families in need to a variety of assistance programs. For example, the United Way can direct you to agencies that can help with rental payments, food, medical and dental care, transportation, utility bills, and more.

The Salvation Army – There are a wide variety of social services and emergency assistance programs offered by The Salvation Army. Programs may vary by community but The Salvation Army typically assists with food, shelter, clothing, medication costs, emergency disaster response and more.

Catholic Charities USA – This popular organization provides various services to people in need by helping them connect to local Catholic charities. The goal of Catholic Charities USA is to be an advocate for justice and goodwill in the communities across the country.

American Red Cross – The American Red Cross specializes in assistance after major disasters and emergency situations. However, they also have programs aimed to provide financial assistance to military families and eligible applicants from low-income households.

Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs) – People who are struggling to afford their water bills can take advantage of a list of Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs) provided by Environmental Protection. This list compiles various water bureaus and water service providers who offer assistance to customers who need help paying water bills in every state.

Local Community Action Agencies – The best way to get access to assistance is to reach out to local community action agencies. Typically, these organizations will be working to address the specific needs of your community including housing assistance, food benefits, healthcare coverage, and more.

The funds that charitable organizations use to help beneficiaries are most often raised through donations. This means that these organizations can only provide assistance as long as they have funds available. It is important to apply as soon as resources become available and assistance programs open for the best chance of securing financial assistance from these programs.

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